Inspired by their shared desire for a life of love and connection, Mandy and Kate birthed the concept of a healing retreat where like-minded souls come together and discover the power of meaningful connection.  Combining the wisdom and knowledge of holistic psychology together with shamanic healing practices proved most powerful in healing the mind, body, and soul.  Through their commitment to their own journey of personal growth and healing, they found alignment with their true purpose and the space to live their most authentic life.

About Mandy...

After running the family business for more than twenty years Mandy felt a pull towards something more.  Her interest in Bowen was influenced initially by her aunty, and at the age of 34 Mandy pursued study for the first time in her life and achieved qualifications in Bowen Therapy. It wasn't long however, before she discovered the power of incorporating energy healing into her body work.

Through her commitment to healing the pain and suffering of her own life traumas, Mandy found her passion and her purpose in helping others on their own personal journey of growth.  Her strong desire to continue on her path of learning and growth led her to the teachings of Shamanic healing, where connection with spiritual energies of the physical world assists in healing.
When she is not planning retreats or consulting in the Bowen room located on her magnificent property in Oakdale, Mandy can be found mowing the lawns, riding her beloved horse Tyson, playing Oztag alongside her two young adult children, or captain coaching the Oakdale Ladies League Tag side.  She NEVER sits still.
About Kate...
After more than twenty years working in private practice alongside her father, Kate felt a pull towards greater things.  It is through her own personal life experiences and challenges that saw her dive deep within herself and embrace the practice of holistic healing.
In combining both traditional and non-traditional therapies, Kate has expanded her treatment approach, and embraced the holistic notion of working with the mind, body and soul.  She is passionate in her endeavour to motivate and inspire individual's to release themselves from trauma centred patterns and behaviours, and discover the most authentic version of themselves. She embraces the philosophy that the power to heal lies within.
When she is not planning retreats or consulting from her office, located within the sanctuary of her home, Kate can be found wrestling life with her three young boys.  In her rare moments of free time, she loves to embrace her creativity in painting or writing, and is currently writing her first book. She is often found running alongside Mandy on the football field, or watching her mow the lawns.